YouTube Finds - Random Selections

Juggling variations using a ball shooter

Taking the old teeter board ball launcher to a new level.


One of the better choreographed juggling routines.

Edward Jackman, Sunday Comics, August 1991

Edward should have been more famous than he was. Incredible skills and extremely funny with hours of original material.

A doubtful show

This one's kinda arty, burly enough and rather weird. I like it.

Hay Ye

Gustaf Rosell and Jacob Sharpe

Skåpmat - Petter Wadstens juggling video

Check out the relaxed, nearly lethargic ring juggling style in this vid. Backcrosses with 5 is one of the highlights.

Angel Egea

3 balls spinning on one finger, 2 balls bouncing on the end of a mouthstick. Worth watching.