YouTube Finds - Random Selections

Emiliano juggling gotas

Beautiful dancing with clubs.

Жонглёры Герасимовы - полная работа

Serious numbers juggling in a unique style.

ひがみ 2 ~HIGAMI 2~

From Japan, a bunch of people I don't know doing a bunch of stuff I've never seen.

Happy Tree Friends - Mime to Five (Part 2)

Time for a cartoon break, this one includes foot juggling chainsaws and a frozen prehistoric dude in an ice cube riding a unicycle.


Some very cool bounce skills. Apparently this is from Ethiopia.

Minus Autopilot

I like Wes, always something new I've never seen before. Watch all his videos.

Juggling Sensation Gena Shvartsman Cristiani

In the words of Buster Poindexter "hot hot hot!"