tom miller unicycleThis is my Tom Miller "Unicycle Factory" Giraffe style unicycle. It was custom ordered in early 1991 and didn't show up till 16 months later. It's the best unicycle in the world! As far as I know.

I ordered a few custom things with the goal of a uni that traveled well and looked really good. So I asked for chrome everything.

It has a 16 inch wheel geared to ride like a 20 inch wheel. It feels like a regular 20 inch wheel but fits in a smaller case for travelling. It also appears to be more perilous as the small wheel looks less stable.

Since a 16 inch wheel makes the unicycle 2 inches shorter than the standard Schwinn Giraffe which I was used to I had 2 inches added to the frame below the crank to keep the cranks the same height. It's 31 inches crank axle to wheel axle. I ordered the smallest crank size I could to make the chain as narrow as possible also contributing to the perception of slenderness and height.

At 21 pounds it's not the lightest unicyle but it's manageable. It's been across the globe a few times with me and never let me down in a show.

Scroll down for more pics. Nothing is bent, the wide angle lens on the camera makes it look that way.