Nobody Can Resist....

It's world-class juggling, high-energy comedy (in English, Dutch, or German), and enough charisma to charm any audience to their feet.


“Charismatic and confident performance by Niels Duinker of Holland. Classic club tricks with a slightly macho style culminated in runs with up to 7 clubs.”
Kaskade, European Juggling Magazine – issue 108

Crowds around the world – from Europe to Asia; from Las Vegas to Doha – have experienced the wonder and excitement of Niels Duinker Live!

Watch as the technique and perfection of Russian-style juggling collides with the energy and presentation of an American comedic performance. Winner of three gold medals at the Dutch Juggling Championships and top awards at two major juggling competitions in the United States, Niels is ready to blow your crowd’s collective mind!

World-class juggling, high-energy comedy – in English, Dutch and/or German – and enough charisma to charm any audience to their feet, Niels can tailor his show from a 9-minute silent variety act to a 45-minute comedy show – and anything in between. His youthful charm and family-friendly shows make him a favorite with producers and agents for cruise ships, casinos, theme parks, and corporate events.


The two biggest newspapers in his home country of the Netherlands called Niels:
“Juggling Wonder”

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